Monday, April 10, 2017

LG G6 - What's new

There is always so much excitement surrounding a flagship, especially before and just after its release. The LG G6, from the South Korean company is definitely one of the most anticipated handsets of the year. It was announced on February 26 and is set to go on sale in the US in April. Just like other flagships, people want to know what is new and why they need to get their own LG G6 the minute it is out.

So, what is new in the new model that is different from models from the previous years?

1. Battery and camera

One of the features that make people buy a specific handset is the battery. The LG G6 has ditched the removable battery, but it has maintained impressive battery power. The phone has 3300mAh which might be less than what some other phones are offering, but which is more than sufficient for anyone who uses their phone a lot.

People also carefully consider a camera’s capability before they purchase a phone. The LG G6 therefore spots an upgrade with a dual lens 13 MP camera. It also has wide and focused sensors with f/1.8 and f/2.4 respectively. This camera is pretty impressive.

2. Design

LG G6 offers buyer three colors to choose from: black, white and platinum. It comes with Gorilla Glass 5 at the rear and a slim metal design. It is water resistant which is a necessary feature in all phones nowadays.

Additionally, the camera has been slimmed down eliminating the unsightly bulge in its predecessors. This flagship has also incorporated a new style. The fingerprint sensor, which can be used to unlock your LG G6, and power button are at the back of the phone falling right under the index finger, a convenient place to be.

3. Size and display

The LG G6 is 5.7 inches long. It has quality HD display and a resolution of 1440 by 2880. This coupled with a screen to body ratio of 18:9 and pixel density at 564 ppi makes the LG G6 A beautifully balanced and carefully crafted handset.

It supports HDR and Dolby Visual which makes it perfect for watching videos, movies and even gaming because of its clarity and diversity. This is a step up from the LG G5 which many thought was a bit boring. The LG G6 has definitely stepped up.

4. Software and hardware

LG runs on Android Nougat overlaid with LG UX 6.0 and is powered by Snapdragon 821 chipset from Qualcomm. To top it all off, LG G6 also a Google assistant, the second of two phones to incorporate this voice assistant. The flagship also has 4 GB of RAM and USB port type C for charging.


The LG G6 has come to redeem the company at a time when people had begun losing interest, especially because the LG G5 was not widely received with enthusiasm. It felt like it let a lot of people down which is what makes the LG G6 very desirable. LG has taken a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Best iPhone 7 Accessories

What is the point of having an awesome phone, especially a flagship if you do not get to pair it up with a number of great accessories to enhance the user experience? With the release of the iPhone 7, users have access to a number of accessories that will make their experience even better. These are:
  1. Cases
Spigen has stayed ahead of the pack by coming up with a whole line of cases from buyers to choose from. They are available from between $12 and $25 on Amazon. There are armored cases, bumper and TPU cases as well as wallet cases for the more functional approach. Some people do not like to mess with the aesthetic appeal of new phones as well as add body and weight by adding cases. Spigen has provided cases that cater to these needs. The good thing about having a case is knowing that you do not have to be stuck with an awesome flagship full of dents, bumps and scratches because of falls and other minor accidents. After all, the flagship costs too much to not protect.
  1. Tempered glass
C:\Users\Shee\Desktop\Work\Angie\glass protector-Ultra-Thin-Clear-Explosion-proof-Tempered-Glass-Screen-Protector-for-iphone-6-4-7-Protective.jpg_640x640.jpg
While cases provide protection for the body of the iPhone 7, tempered glass ensures that the screen is protected. It protects from scratches and cracks even when the phone falls screen-first. This is because the first point of contact with the surface is the glass protector and not the screen. These protectors are available for under $5 and should be bought alongside the purchase of the flagship to protect the screen from the get-go.
  1. Amir HD Camera Lens Kit
C:\Users\Shee\Desktop\Work\Angie\cam lens kit1E77ZYZ3EL._SY400_.jpg
For all the photography enthusiasts, this add-on accessory gives the ultimate photography experience. This two-in-one lens is great for macro shots and is available for only $63 which is a far cry from how much professional DSLR cameras cost. Plus, you can still get DSLR-quality cameras, so it is completely worth the buy!
  1. Compact XR Extended Range Thermal Imager
This accessory is manufactured by Seek and is an awesome one at that. It reads up to 32,000 temperature points clear quality. It comes with a thermal imaging lens that can be focused and is a bargain at $227.
  1. Remote Control Headless Quadcopter with Wi-Fi Camera
Babadio stepped up the game when it comes to drones that are compatible with Apple phones, including the iPhone 7. This quadcopter has a Wi-Fi camera which enables the user to get live video feed from the drone while it is up in the air. It has motion sensing control function and costs only $74.99 on Amazon.
These are some of the best and coolest accessories and add-ons that one can get for the iPhone 7 once it is released. The bonus to all this is that these accessories are not worth an arm and a leg. This makes it easy to buy them, enjoying the offer for free shipping on some of the accessories. They are easy to use as well. The good thing about having these accessories is that they make the experience of using the iPhone 7 even better.

Friday, August 12, 2016

How to set up the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Once you have walked out of the store with your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after you have had it delivered, you want to make the most out of the device without ignoring any of the features. While getting a new handset can be overwhelming because one does not know where to start, it would be best to start with the basics that allow you access to your phablet before graduating to the more complex tools.

1. Charging the Note 7

You have to have charged the device before beginning to use it. This is an important step that most overlook which may cause a series of battery issues later on.

2. Insert SIM Card and power on

Insert your SIM card into the given slot and the microSD into the expandable memory slot as well. Switch on your device using the power button.

3. Selecting a language

This is the first thing to do once the Note 7 is powered up. You can only navigate the other features of the phone once you understand the instructions or cues that originate from the phone. The key to this is selecting the language that you are most conversant with.

4. Set up the display and screen

The other thing is to customize your phablet to your preference. The display is a key factor. Go to settings and choose the display screen or wallpaper that you would like to have on the Note 7. In case you want it personalized, you can import some of your own photos or download some from the internet for this. While at it, you can select a ringtone and message alert tone which appeals to you.

5. Set up security

This step is multifaceted. The first thing is to key in the password to your SIM card or other function that you would like to lock by password settings such as messages and gallery access. The other is to set up the Android device manager which allows you to track your Note 7 in case it is stolen. This provides some level of comfort in knowing that the phablet cannot be entirely lost.

Additionally, set up the fingerprint sensor and the iris scanner. These processes are crucial because they set precedent for all other fingerprint sensor and iris scanning processes in the future. For the sensor, go to the settings and place your finger on the provided space. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Place the finger in a stretched out position to capture the fingerprint accurately. Save this data and move onto the iris scanner. For this, place your eye directly at the leading circles, with the phone at about 25 to 35 cm away from you. Let the iris scanner do its thing and save this data as well.

6. Google set up and back up

Once the basics are done, you can then connect to a Wi-Fi network or switch on your data bundles. Set up your Google account on your new Note 7 and restore contacts or back up new contacts as preferred.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 + Gear S2: The perfect combination

Smart watches are the in thing. They are one of the most coveted gadgets in the market. The Gear S2 is compatible with a number of devices and one of the newest compatible devices on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S7. The general prerequisite for supporting the device is that the phone should run on Android 4.4 Kitkat and above and a RAM of more than 1.5 GB. One of the best experiences is getting to use a device such as a smart watch with a new flagship. It reeks of excitement and new possibilities!

How does the Gear S2 Work?

The Gear S2 works to make your phone’s functions more readily available but on the go. Not only does it tell time but it also allows the user access to various applications that are available on the Samsung Galaxy S7. You can get directions to wherever you are headed as long as the phone is in the car with you.

You can also have other functions such as receiving and responding to texts on the go as well as listening to music or even booking a flight. The convenience of the smart watch simplifies life for the wearer. Plus, you can connect it to your phone even if it is miles apart as long as both devices have access to Wi-Fi.

The apps that Gear S2 can run

The applications that the smart watch can run from connection with the Galaxy S7 include S Health which is a health and fitness application that tracks your daily exercise. It also runs Nike+Running by using GPS to accurately track where the wearer has been.

Most apps have to do with wellness and fitness. For social media, the smart watch has Twitter Trends which provides the wearer’s Twitter feeds right at the wrist.

One of the other attractive and convenient features that the watch has is that one can use it to make NFC mobile payments. It also runs Uber and Google.

Gear S2 features

The Gear S2 comes in three variants: the classic, the sport and the 3G option which also has an e-SIM support. The variants are pretty much similar except for the 3G option which also has a speaker for making calls, GPS and a 300 mAh battery in comparison to the 250 mAh battery on the other variants.

The circular watch has a rotating bezel which is quite an attractive feature. It is bright and sharp because it has an AMOLED touch screen.

The watch has its own share of problems as well. These include the cost, the speed (which is a bit slow) and to cap it all off the use of Tizen which is limiting. It would have been expected that Samsung would go for Android instead which evolves and provides more support for applications as well.

Compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S7

Seeing that this flagship is the latest and spots the newest tech, it is not a wonder that use of the phone and the watch would yield great results. The watch has its shortcomings but the phone more than makes up for this in function. They are therefore the perfect pair.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Do I really need a smartwatch?

As the wearable industry is growing in size, people are slowly moving towards more smart devices. However, people already use the smartphone that is almost sufficient for everything. So, do you need any wearable like Smartwatch that has to be paired along with the smartphone?

Well, this is a common question that keeps coming to people but there are many reasons to buy a smartwatch. It does not mean that the smartphone is incompetent and neither does it mean that smartwatches are better. There are different needs and each device have different roles to play. Here are the reasons why you need a smartwatch.

Time Saving 

Smartwatch is paired with the smartphones for various purposes. It has been noticed that the people take out their smartphones for almost every purpose. However, many times, people take out their phone for the notifications and found out to be nothing. Here is why Smartwatch can help you. Smartwatches can give you all the notifications required and you can see the smartwatch and save your time. You can even read SMS and Email with the help of Smartwatches. This is the best part of the smartwatches.

You may be travelling somewhere, you do not need to take out your phone and dial a number. You can do that from your smartwatch. The smartwatches save your time and along with that give you the comfort of using the technology.

Style and Design 

The watches have always been the style statement and the smartwatches are nothing different. The impressive style and designing of the smartwatches can be unique and fashionable as well. The leading techno companies have come with the stylish looking smartwatches. However, the watch companies are also entering into the fray to explore the smartwatch market.

Premium and Luxury Watch brands like Fossil, Tag Heuer and many others are entering the market with interactive and fashionable smartwatches. The specification and technical advances also work along with it.

Technical benefits 

The smartwatches are advancing with each passing day. The LG has already announced that the new LG Watch Urbane 2 would be less dependent on the smartphones and will be independent. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to bring the Face Time Camera along with the smartwatches.

It is true that smartphones have plenty of features but the smartwatches are also providing many features. This is obviously easy to use as it remains in hand and is also portable. People wear watches and there is no harm in wearing smartwatches that can give you some excellent features.

Fitness Tracker

As the Smartwatches are attached to the skin, it opens up the opportunity for the fitness tracking. There are much fitness tracking features available with the smartwatches. However, the same is not available with the smartphones. The smartwatches are not only efficient but also effective in nature.

People change as per the era and technology. There was a time when people did not find any reason for smartphones and now the world has changed. The smartwatches are entering in the market and there are many reasons to go for it.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Google Fit - The ultimate app for wearables?

The world is becoming digital, with every passing day and it is not slowing down as well. The trend of the health statistics and fitness trackers are not slowing down and that is making thing, even more, interesting for the market. Many big players are jumping to the potential market to cash in the situation and Google is not far behind. The newly featured Google Fit App is one of the latest entrants in the market. The Google Fit is one of the apps that can help you to show the data for each and everything we do. It will track and show the data even for the breathing.

This has been regarded as one of the best fitness apps till date. It can be easily paired with the Android Wear devices and can be used for the health statistics. This is something similar to the Apple Health. However, unlike Apple, Google is gracious enough to let you choose the option of Google Fit and you can download it anytime from the Play store.

What does this app do?

Google Fit App basically performs the same function that another individual app gives for the fitness tracking. However, there are a lot of difference between Google Fit and other third party apps. Google Fit can give you a comprehensive and complete analysis picture.

The best part of the Google Fit is that it can pair up with the third party app and then at the same time, it can pull out the data and hand you the detailed report over to you. You can then carry out the analysis and performance. It does not only help you to analyze the fitness that you measured with the wearable device but also helpful to understand the body behavior. This in turns helps you to understand the need of the body and exercises to be followed.

Features of Google Fit App

There are numerous features available for the Google Fit App. This app can be installed on the Android device and comes up with details by using the sensors of the device. All the popular fitness data can be tracked and measured with this app. One can measure the steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered as well. The pedaling rates can be logged with the app, wheel speed and time spent can also be measured with the help of the Google Fit App. The data is generally converted into graphs and charts.

However, the best part of the Google Fit App is that it is clean and crisp. So, as far as the monitoring of the fitness data is concerned, it is very well presented. The Google Fit App also provides the accurate information and that can be regarded as one of the best in the market as well. The Google Fit App is available for free in the Google Play Store. However, one must remember that the app is supported in Android 4.0 and more versions. However, you can use it measure data with will Android Wears available in the market.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What does HTC need to make in order to enter the smartwatch market successfully

As the Smartwatch industry is growing and expanding many major manufacturers are coming into the fray in the field of wearables. HTC is one of the most reputed names that are being projected and expected to release their first smartwatch sometimes in 2016. Even though HTC has not released anything officially but the rumors have leaked that the company is working for their debut smartwatch as they seek into the market of wearables. However, it will not be something very easy for HTC as there are already many players in the market.


HTC is gearing up for the new smartwatch and it is building the debut smartwatch with Android Wear. However, HTC will build something other as the interface to the Android. The report has suggested that HTC is going in the same direction as it was during the first Android Smartphone. HTC developed Sense as the interface and if all goes well then HTC would come up with something similar for smartwatch as well.


HTC needs to come with all guns for the debut smartwatch. There is one benefit of coming late in the market and that is the knowledge of the market. HTC already knows that what competitors are heading in the industry. HTC has the scope to come with all the features. However, it will be a waste to field a smartwatch that is not up to the level of the other competitors in terms of features.


The rumors have suggested that the smartwatch has been codenamed as Halfbeak. It has been learnt that the new smartwatch from HTC would be of round display and the expected resolution would be of 360*360. However, various other reports have suggested that the resolution should be more than this. HTC is currently working towards the Android wear not only for the own brand but has also with the US-based Under Armour. HTC may come up with something interesting and innovative with the smartwatch.


There have been not many rumors available for the specifications of the HTC Smartwatch. However, it has been reported that the HTC is including the features of fitness meters as well. The specifications like accelerometer, heart rate monitor and others are expected to be included in the smartwatch. Normal specifications of the smartwatch like call notifications, dialing and answering; SMS notifications, Email Reading, Music and storage are to be featured in the new HTC Smartwatch. Some rumors have suggested that HTC may directly go head to head with Apple in the smartwatch industry and come with the camera. Apple is expected to launch a Face Time Camera and HTC may launch the same with the smartwatch. However, the details are still to be validated in the market.


The debut smartwatch from HTC is expected to be launched in the later part of 2016. However, after the announcement of HTC Grip, it is expected that HTC would announce the smartwatch as soon as the product is ready or even at MWC 2016. It will be interesting to see the HTC smartwatch as the manufacturer is pushing into the wearable industry.