Thursday, February 18, 2016

Google Fit - The ultimate app for wearables?

The world is becoming digital, with every passing day and it is not slowing down as well. The trend of the health statistics and fitness trackers are not slowing down and that is making thing, even more, interesting for the market. Many big players are jumping to the potential market to cash in the situation and Google is not far behind. The newly featured Google Fit App is one of the latest entrants in the market. The Google Fit is one of the apps that can help you to show the data for each and everything we do. It will track and show the data even for the breathing.

This has been regarded as one of the best fitness apps till date. It can be easily paired with the Android Wear devices and can be used for the health statistics. This is something similar to the Apple Health. However, unlike Apple, Google is gracious enough to let you choose the option of Google Fit and you can download it anytime from the Play store.

What does this app do?

Google Fit App basically performs the same function that another individual app gives for the fitness tracking. However, there are a lot of difference between Google Fit and other third party apps. Google Fit can give you a comprehensive and complete analysis picture.

The best part of the Google Fit is that it can pair up with the third party app and then at the same time, it can pull out the data and hand you the detailed report over to you. You can then carry out the analysis and performance. It does not only help you to analyze the fitness that you measured with the wearable device but also helpful to understand the body behavior. This in turns helps you to understand the need of the body and exercises to be followed.

Features of Google Fit App

There are numerous features available for the Google Fit App. This app can be installed on the Android device and comes up with details by using the sensors of the device. All the popular fitness data can be tracked and measured with this app. One can measure the steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered as well. The pedaling rates can be logged with the app, wheel speed and time spent can also be measured with the help of the Google Fit App. The data is generally converted into graphs and charts.

However, the best part of the Google Fit App is that it is clean and crisp. So, as far as the monitoring of the fitness data is concerned, it is very well presented. The Google Fit App also provides the accurate information and that can be regarded as one of the best in the market as well. The Google Fit App is available for free in the Google Play Store. However, one must remember that the app is supported in Android 4.0 and more versions. However, you can use it measure data with will Android Wears available in the market.


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  2. If I sync mi band data to google fit, suppose for the same activity you carry both your band as well as phone and if the phone counts x steps using phones sensors whereas band counts Y steps, would syncing the band data replace the phone sensor data or add to it ?

  3. How does this app work for sensing heart beat rate. Like I have installed it but can't find heart rate. I have Redmi 3s. Can you help me in this position.

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