Monday, February 22, 2016

Do I really need a smartwatch?

As the wearable industry is growing in size, people are slowly moving towards more smart devices. However, people already use the smartphone that is almost sufficient for everything. So, do you need any wearable like Smartwatch that has to be paired along with the smartphone?

Well, this is a common question that keeps coming to people but there are many reasons to buy a smartwatch. It does not mean that the smartphone is incompetent and neither does it mean that smartwatches are better. There are different needs and each device have different roles to play. Here are the reasons why you need a smartwatch.

Time Saving 

Smartwatch is paired with the smartphones for various purposes. It has been noticed that the people take out their smartphones for almost every purpose. However, many times, people take out their phone for the notifications and found out to be nothing. Here is why Smartwatch can help you. Smartwatches can give you all the notifications required and you can see the smartwatch and save your time. You can even read SMS and Email with the help of Smartwatches. This is the best part of the smartwatches.

You may be travelling somewhere, you do not need to take out your phone and dial a number. You can do that from your smartwatch. The smartwatches save your time and along with that give you the comfort of using the technology.

Style and Design 

The watches have always been the style statement and the smartwatches are nothing different. The impressive style and designing of the smartwatches can be unique and fashionable as well. The leading techno companies have come with the stylish looking smartwatches. However, the watch companies are also entering into the fray to explore the smartwatch market.

Premium and Luxury Watch brands like Fossil, Tag Heuer and many others are entering the market with interactive and fashionable smartwatches. The specification and technical advances also work along with it.

Technical benefits 

The smartwatches are advancing with each passing day. The LG has already announced that the new LG Watch Urbane 2 would be less dependent on the smartphones and will be independent. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to bring the Face Time Camera along with the smartwatches.

It is true that smartphones have plenty of features but the smartwatches are also providing many features. This is obviously easy to use as it remains in hand and is also portable. People wear watches and there is no harm in wearing smartwatches that can give you some excellent features.

Fitness Tracker

As the Smartwatches are attached to the skin, it opens up the opportunity for the fitness tracking. There are much fitness tracking features available with the smartwatches. However, the same is not available with the smartphones. The smartwatches are not only efficient but also effective in nature.

People change as per the era and technology. There was a time when people did not find any reason for smartphones and now the world has changed. The smartwatches are entering in the market and there are many reasons to go for it.

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